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Grace and Truth

by Marsha Matyas

I recently read The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated by James Emery White, who serves as the pastor of a large church in Charlotte, NC. Meanwhile, a pastor in Montgomery County recently cited a statistic that 6 of 10 people who live in our county are “nones,” i.e. they have […]

This Weekend at Faith-5/5/17

by William Sutherland

Dear Friends, The Women’s Craft and Conversation originally scheduled for tonight, Friday, May 5,  will not take place. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 6, at 9:30 a.m. is our church work day; we’ll have to see whether the weather permits us to meet tomorrow for this (the deacons are evaluating this right now). Look out your window […]