Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear Member and Friends,

The elders and I met this morning to pray and to decide how to respond to the Coronavirus Crisis. We reluctantly have decided not to hold our regular worship service tomorrow morning or to meet for Sunday school. We are at once burdened by our responsibility and direction from the Lord  to not neglect meeting together in person (Hebrews 10:25) but also keenly aware of the need to protect the health of the congregation while we learn and absorb the most recent information. The Session plans to meet again on Thursday and evaluate our next steps. We hope to be able to live stream a worship service or provide an online meeting format by Sunday, March 22,  if it seems wise not to meet face to face.

We do not, however, believe this should be a time for spiritual inactivity or passivity. The elders and I plan to call each household and read Psalm 46 with you and to see how you are doing and to pray with you by phone either today or tomorrow. So expect a call from one of us. And if any of you want to speak to me as your pastor or have me pray with you by phone or in person, please call me: 301-774-0329 (home) or 202-679-9019 (cell). And do call one another to encourage one another during this time of waiting.

I would also encourage you to listen on the Lord’s Day tomorrow to the first message by Sinclair Ferguson in his Basics of the Christian Life Series at the website for Ligonier Ministries:  

You can watch the first message for free (it is about 22 or 23 minutes long).  I would also encourage you to pray individually or as a family or household.

Here are some prayer requests for us and our missionaries around the world:

  • Pray for protection, healing, and the stop of coronavirus.
  • Pray against a spirit of fear, confusion, pride, and apathy.
  • Pray for opportunities to proclaim the hope we profess in Christ alone.

We walk by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and not by sight.

Bill Sutherland
Faith Presbyterian Church